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Application essay for the field course to Amazonian Ecuador
Miriam Leach

The opportunity to join a three-week field course in Amazonian Ecuador is, in my view, a fantastic one. In this short essay I would like to outline a few personal reasons why I have high hopes to be accepted for a place.

Field courses are an exceptional way to enrich scientific study, I believe they make learning all the more exciting because one is physically involved, able to touch and see the organisms and environments that are being studied. I also think these types of courses allow students to develop skills and knowledge unavailable in standard university modules, because there is the application to real situations often lacking in a lab or lecture theatre. I am a competitive and enthusiastic learner that would hope for these opportunities.

The subject of tropical biology is one I have been truly fascinated in for a long time. In the second of two gap years I specifically chose to travel to Brazil with the main aim of visiting the state of Amazonas, where I took a four day tour staying in the forest itself. From a biological point of view the visit was relatively unsophisticated, but the experience fired my already keen enthusiasm for learning about the topic and played a major part in my motivation to choose biology as a degree subject.

Work in this area is, I hope, a strong possibility for my future as a biologist. I am keenly interested in tropical research and conservation, particularly anthropogenic interaction and degradation of tropical environments, so in reference to my training and experience this course would be highly valuable.

I think I would also benefit greatly from developing skills in research project identification and design, particularly of individual field based experiments (as outlined in the course outcomes) of which I have relatively little experience and may be areas that are weaker at present than others in my academic portfolio and skills that would be valuable for my final year project.

I am also currently considering applying for a third year work placement during which I hope, perhaps, to work overseas. These types of jobs are highly competitive and this field course could be a valuable demonstration of my ability to adapt and work in a different and new environment.

Travelling in my time off from study, often on my own, facilitated the development of social skills including building an emotional intelligence that helped me to adapt and move fluidly in new cultures, it has also engendered in me a great passion in life for searching out and enjoying new experiences as often as possible.

I am a highly enthusiastic and motivated learner with a keen appetite for education and I am always eager to develop and enrich my scientific skills and knowledge, along with this and my interest in the topic I know any projects undertaken would be given my total and undivided commitment. For these reasons I believe I would not only be an ideal candidate for the course but also, I hope, an asset to the team that is chosen for the trip.

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